From Humble Beginnings

Asset Research Services really started in the 60’s on a Kitchen table in Anchorage. Alaska had only been a state for 10 years or so and it was in the process of transforming its laws from a United States territory to the 49th state with actual statutes. My father Bernie was the controller for one of the only Aggregate and Cement companies in Alaska and was asked by the state legislature to help develop the lien laws there. Since he helped develop the laws and had direct knowledge of how they worked he was asked by other construction  companies in the area to help file their notices of right to liens and mechanic's liens.

My introduction to the lien law business was from the bottom up in the mid 70's. I was a courier for his company on my Honda 125 motorcycle.  This was before Fax machines, computers, the internet and cell phones.  You actually had to get things signed by hand and delivered to people in person. Even doing research on Property meant you had to go down to the county or a title company in person and do the research this was very time consuming process.

In the mid 80's in Anchorage the S & L's along with several banks went under. This caused the construction industry to collapse and in doing so our business shrank to almost nothing.  Being born and raised in Alaska and now in my early 20's I was ready to venture out on my own and leave for greener pastures.  So I went from the freezer to the frying pan and moved to Arizona. After settling in and trying a few different things I saw an opportunity. With the experience I gained with my Father I found myself back in the Notice Service business. Things have changed a lot over the years. With the advent of technology, and the internet I found myself in an ever evolving industry. Nearly thirty years I partnered up with my childhood friend who also migrated from Alaska, Jim Mulenos. We formed what is now Asset Research Services. My experience growing up in the business and Jim's knowledge of emerging technologies have allowed us to become one the largest and most successful lien notice companies in the country.

Our top priority is you. To us, relationships are everything. We believe that taking care of you and developing a personal relationship that's mutually beneficial is the only way to do business. We look forward to the opportunity to serve and get to know you. 

Brian Gauthier CEO