General Services

We offer a variety of Nationwide Lien Services including Preliminary Notice, Notice to Owner, Claim of Lien, and Miller Act Claim. Our expertise is backed by 30+ years of industry experience for prices that won’t break the bank. Each notice is carefully researched and all sources are cross-checked against each other to ensure the highest rate of accuracy. Notices researched by us are backed by errors and omissions insurance. For customers who wish to provide all required information up front we offer (no research) notice services at a discounted rate regardless of volume. Please keep in mind that notices not researched by us are not covered by errors and omissions insurance. Check out our New Customers page for options on getting started today.

Partnership Program

Attention Construction Law Attorneys and our competing Lien Services! Are you looking to contract out some of the grunt work? Say goodbye to the hassles involved in researching and preparing preliminary notices for good.

We have a variety of technologies in place that enable us to act as a sub service to you. Gain the benefits of a supporting team of professionals with 20+ years of experience in the construction lien industry.

We provide complete nationwide preliminary notice and notice to owner services allowing you to deal directly with your client and the bigger picture. Reduce overhead, decrease staff, and increase profits while creating a higher level of accuracy and speed behind the scenes.

Overhead Reduction + Minimizing Staff + Increased Accuracy and Speed = "Increased Profits!"

Work with us as your Sub Service

This means we do all the research, produce and mail your notices, and while acknowledging that ARS has prepared them, the notices go out with YOUR name on them.

How do we do it?

Any way you want. Submit that work to us in the manner most efficient for you! Check out our Technology page and make your choice.